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First of all, welcome to my blog!

My name is Ellie Salvaje, and I write Onion-style, satirical pieces for Extra Newsfeed. I pretty much write about anything: corporations, politics, sports, religion, entertainment, technology, current events. I can be described by my high school classmates as “the one who sealed…

Porn stars are taught to shoot for the stars

Picture of Rick Ross and models from Rap-Up. Picture of Leeland Yee from FCPA. Picture of AK-47 from VHV.RS

Porn actors are taught to shoot for the stars, assuming the stars are nothing more than face tattoos. We just didn’t expect these actors to do so using weapons.

Nevertheless, adult entertainment stars claimed this was needed to survive in the pandemic world. COVID-19 affected the porn industry significantly. …

Picture of bipartisanship background from TheWeek. Picture of “Keep Calm” text from KeepCalmAndPosters.

Bipartisanship strikes again, only this time to hide the past. On the bright side, future historians will no longer suffer from watching future generations repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Many conservative parents protested against critical race theory. White parent Tomathon Stanly decried, “To hell with critical racist…

Picture of Vishal Garg from Lokmattimes. Picture of Urban Meyer from Clutchpoints. Picture of Better.com logo from Better.com.

Birds of a feather flock together. Even if they’re narcissistic bullies who get turned on by treating people like s***. At least they’ll flock to the same tempo.

Better.com CEO Vishal Garg notoriously made headlines for laying off 900 employees in a Zoom call on December 6th, 2021. Stakeholders were…

Picture of Tucker Carlson and Rand Paul from The Daily Beast.

Ron Paul admitted that he always replays the three biggest disappointments in his life before going to bed: never becoming president, never cutting wasteful conservative spending on the military, and not disowning his son Rand sooner.

Rand Paul made a special appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. In Fox New’s latest…

Picture of 12 Years a Slave from Searchlight pictures. Picture of football from pngfind. Picture of Colin Kaepernick from NBCNews. Picture of Netflix logo from PikPNG.

Tuns out winning an Oscar is easier than winning a SuperBowl. Just ask former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick made headlines with his new Netflix TV series: Colin in Black & White. The civil rights activist talked about his upbringing and how racism is prevalent in the NFL. We need…

Picture of Jon Gruden from The Spun. Picture of Carl Nassib from Variety.

NOTE: This piece covers a controversial topic (sexual assault). Proceed with caution.

Yet another instance where NFL is under fire for using politics as a competitive strategy. Surprisingly, this doesn’t involve Tom Brady.

While Tom Brady’s COVID vaccine team mandate has been criticized by others as an “unfair” advantage to…

Picture of Al Sharpton from NYPost. Picture of Kyle Rittenhouse from MSNBC.

NOTE: This piece covers a controversial topic (violence). Proceed with caution.

Leave it to the media to exaggerate scenarios for fear-based clicks.

Media outlets proclaimed Kyle Rittenhouse as a “MAGA terrorist” for killing 2 people and injuring 1 member, despite the jury finding him not guilty of manslaughter. This sparked…

Ellie Salvaje

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